This course is a Digital Marketing primer. It has been devised for those who know little about the subject, and want to examine the concepts at a high level to see how digital marketing applies to their current or future business. It’s an informational course which leads you through the main elements of Digital Marketing and how they can benefit your business. It’s perfect for first time small business owners or those looking to expand their knowledge in the field. The course examines:

  • What Digital Marketing is and how it can be useful to small business owners.
  • Principles that can be applied to all platforms to increase sales and support customers and prospects.
  • Examination of three core digital platforms: website, social media, email.
  • A high-level look at what to consider when developing a Digital Marketing strategy across these platforms.
  • A brief look at other platforms to consider.

The course is delivered in bite-sized chunks of information, and is supported by tips, best practices (Golden Rules), and downloadable assessments of your current environment.

Currently this course is being offered absolutely FREE with no enrollment necessary. Just click on the lessons below to get started.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Insider Insider Author


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