Being useful means putting the prospect first, even if it won’t result in an immediate sale

A prospect can easily identify whether a business will be of use to them. Today’s online customers don’t just check whether or not you have the right product or service. They are looking for some/all of the following:
  • Great bite-sized content which is easy to understand and quick to digest.
  • Ability to dig-down into the detail if they choose to do so ie links to further information.
  • Use of multiple media types so they can choose in what format they receive the information.
  • Easy/obvious navigation to your contact information and clear calls to action* (if relevant).
  • Content that informs, entertains, educates, tells a story – and doesn’t just sell.
  • Content, which isn’t just about your business, but sets it in the context of a larger industry eg you may provide a dog walking service but provide information about the latest dog training techniques.
  • Content that helps a prospect make an informed decision about a purchase, even if that means your product or service isn’t the best match for them.
All of these techniques allow your digital communications to provide value to your existing or potential clients. Furthermore, you are achieving a few things by being useful such as: creating a top-of-mind connection, developing brand awareness, and becoming a valuable addition to their life.

Being useful means when the time comes for them to buy, they will think of you first. You will also be the first business on their lips when asked for a recommendation by others.

Tip: In digital marketing the term “content” is used to describe the information which appears on your website, on your social media posts and in your email. It includes the written copy, images, video etc.
*A Call to Action or CTA is a direct instruction within the copy on your page or social media post or email. It tells the visitor what to do next ie click a link, go to a different page, fill out a form, buy now, etc.  


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