Email marketing is a method used to engage with customers via electronic mail. It is used to both reach potential new customers (prospects) and also to maintain positive engagement with existing customers.

Email marketing can take the form of sending:

  1. “Keeping in touch” communications
  2. Electronic newsletters
  3. Promotional information
  4. Questionnaires or requests-for-feedback

We discuss each of these below.

1. Keeping-in-touch communications

These are regular or irregular emails sent out to existing customers to check in with them to see if there is a way you can help them. They may have subject lines such as:

  • we haven’t heard from you in a while
  • just a reminder
  • we’re getting busy
  • are you still in the area?
  • remember to book before Christmas

2. Electronic newsletters

Still a popular way to regularly connect with your clients or prospects. Newsletters contain information about new services, events, blog posts, pictures and news about your business or the industry in general.

3. Promotional information

If you have a special offer or new service, this is an email which specifically passes that information on. It could be that you are offering a discount on a service or product which will expire after a certain time, or you may have a voucher they can claim etc.

4. Questionnaires and requests for feedback

Understanding whether or not your clients are happy with your offerings is essential if you are going to retain them long-term and ultimately if you will receive good reviews and attract more clients to you. Being proactive with email questionnaires or other requests for feedback is a great way to learn whether you are achieving what you set out to do.  


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