What is KLT?

All digital platforms are wonderful for increasing the Know, Like and Trust factors that are crucial to effectively capture the attention of prospects, turn them into new clients and continue to engage existing clients ie to develop and maintain relationships with your perfect client. We need to understand how to foster these feelings most effectively and which digital strategies capture and maintain the attention our audience.

Here’s how Know, Like and Trust works within the digital marketing experience:



How do we achieve KLT via digital marketing?

These factors have always been important in any marketing or sales interactions but within a digital environment they are even more so as we are less likely to have the luxury of achieving face-to-face or telephone contact.

Here are some key ways to achieve KLT in a digital environment:

  • Be human (check out the next lesson) ie it’s hugely important to represent the business by being a three-dimensional person rather than an impersonal business presence.
  • Stay in touch ie make sure your clients, prospects, or social media followers/friends remember who you are by providing good quality and useful information.
  • Communicate appropriately ie keep your communications timely and to the correct style for the platform you are using.
There will be much more about all of these points later in the course.


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