Let’s begin by telling you a little more about the course.

The Digital Marketing 101 course is an information-based primer designed to increase your overall knowledge of what digital marketing is and how it can be useful to your small business.


Together we will explore:

  1. What the key digital marketing tools/platforms available to the small business owner are.
  2. How to decide which ones are best suited to your business needs.
  3. How we might use them for best effect in a small business environment.
  4. What sort of impact we are likely to see when they are used properly.

We will complete the course by identifying what should be considered when putting together an overall digital marketing strategy specific to your business.

Each activity will guide you through the subject matter in a step-by-step way. The course has also been designed so that you can digest it in manageable bite-sized pieces.

Tip: Feel free to leave the course at any point and come back to it after a break. You will always have access–there are no time limits.

By completing all the lessons, by the end of the course, you will have a great grasp on what benefits digital marketing can bring to your business and a good idea about how to move forward should you wish.


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