Congratulations, you have completed the third component!

I hope it set the stage for you to think about what a website is and how it can contribute to your digital marketing efforts most effectively.

Let’s review what we covered:

  1. Firstly, we looked at what the role of a website was in terms of its potential for digital marketing. We saw that it should provide a positive introduction to your business, be first and foremost about your clients and then showcase your products and services.
  2. Next we looked at the key benefits of using a website as part of your marketing strategy including how a well-designed site will make you stand out, make you easier to find, provide your clients with the support they need and even help you speed up your sales cycles and save administration time.
  3. Finally, we looked at the Golden Rules to using a website effectively. These rules are all about how to best leverage the effort you put into producing and maintaining the website and how that effort translates to benefiting your clients.
In the next lesson we’ll be looking at the Social Media part of the digital marketing strategy.



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