Why “being human” is so important…

Digital marketing of all types, but specifically social media, is about being social: being part of a community and interacting as part of that community. While a “business voice” should be maintained in most cases, demonstrating that real people are running the business is essential. This creates a positive response via interactions within social media, on a website and during email contact. Dealing with  a real person (as opposed to a corporate persona) creates a desire for the client or prospect to participate in discussions, promotes identification with you and your brand, and brings positive emotion into interactions.

3 simple ways to “be human” using digital media:

  1. Use pictures of key personnel rather than just the company logo all the time – give your prospects faces to get to know.
  2. Use meaningful email addresses ie jonathan@abcbusiness.net rather than info@abcbusiness.net; and sign-off social media posts, emails and digital newsletters with someone’s name rather than just a generic business signature.
  3. Add certain details about life outside of work or behind-the-scenes snippets. This is a strategy that must obviously take into account your privacy/security. However, there is no better way for the audience to see that you are a three dimensional person just like them, and as such, understand their problems and experiences. It can be a very effective method to create TRUST.


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