This course has focused on three forms of digital marketing. There are other techniques/tools that can be used to enhance your online presence and some of them form a separate stream of marketing in themselves.

Here are the most common:

Recorded video

Whether using YouTube or Vimeo as your chosen host, video is a wonderful addition to your marketing efforts. It is hugely popular now to enhance a social media post, article or website page with video so that those who prefer can access a visual media rather than read through information.

Live streaming video

Like recorded video, this tool with appeal to those who prefer to watch a presentation rather than read an article or web page. Live streaming video brings another option to the media. It is real time video which means there can be live interaction with your business from your clients. One of the most popular live-streaming apps is Periscope, but Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch all have live-streaming capabilities.


Usually used to teach courses online. Webinars (which can be live or recorded) are a useful way to educate your audience about your product or service and also potentially allow customer questions to be answered. There is free and paid-for webinar software so it is important to look into options to find a service which matches your requirements.

Online or downloadable materials

Another way to educate about your products and services is to provide online or downloadable content from your website or social media posts. This can vary from giving an overview of services in the form of a digital leaflet to providing other informational materials eg e-books, courses, audio files. Online material can be provided on sub-pages or hidden pages on your website so it could be used as a “reward” for people who sign up.


Using online radio to create short regular broadcasts about your products or services, is becoming more cost efficient and very popular. People tend to download the broadcasts and put them on their phone for listening to later. Small business podcasts tend to work best when they are informational and related to your business service or product – but they do not need to be directly about your business. For example a dog grooming specific business could run a podcast about general pet care.

Discussion groups ie Facebook Groups, Online Forums

Participation on online forums and social media groups can really improve your credibility as an expert in your field, as well as being a potential place to attract new clients.


Creating a blog is still a great way to create great content for your website which not only makes Google happy (in terms of lots of keywords) but also attracts more potential clients to your site. In addition, the blog posts can be re-purposed to create a variety of social media posts and also email content.  


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