How is the course structured?

Courses are structured into components and lessons. Each lesson may be broken down into activities.

Each lesson will include some written theory, ask some questions, and provide some sample answers. You are also encouraged to provide answers to the questions based on your own business.

Here’s a sample of a component from the Business Planning course, with the associated lessons listed underneath:

Each component is introduced with an overview to provide some context, and ends with an opportunity for you to review what you’ve learned.

Generally, components are bite-sized between 10 and 15 minutes long. As there is no time limit for you to complete the course, you can jump back in and out as necessary. You can also read through, and download the attachments as often as you like.

Worksheets and Tip Sheets

Many of the components have worksheets and or tip sheets for you to download or view, you will find them located in the relevant lesson. They are in Word, Excel or PDF formats. You can make a copy to edit on your computer, or you can print out to physically jot down notes if you prefer.


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