Thank you for spending the last hour or so with me, I do hope this material was valuable to you, if it was, please share it with others. 

If you would like to add your Financial planning ideas to a Business Plan right now, you can download a copy of our Community Futures Capital Region Business Plan template below. It’s a template we built around the needs of first time business owners. We’ve also include a Guide to go alongside it where you will find much of the material we’ve covered here, along with a few more tips and tricks to make completing the document easier.

​​You can find both templates in the below.

If you want more online workshops and courses like this, you can find them at along with many other useful resources to help you. 

We currently have a complete non-video online course to help you write a Business Plan which includes some worksheets and specific exercises to undertake as you go along, and a digital marketing primer to get you started developing your business marketing strategy including how to build an integrated approach using social media, a website and email marketing. 

More is being added all the time.  

Thanks again, and good luck with your business! 

Business-Plan-Template-2017 V2

Business Plan Help Guide 2017


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