introducing the yeti 500 club contest!

Applications now open!

This year we’re asking young people in our regions, in Grades 10, 11, and 12, to apply for a prize of up to $500 to help start or grow a business this summer.

Prizes can be used to pay for business equipment or contribute towards operating costs. All you need is a great idea, and the time this summer to put it into practice.

To enter, fill in the application form below and email it to us by noon on June 11th when applications close.

PS We’ve put a video together to help you complete the application form below along with some FAQs about the 500 Club Contest.

YETI 500 Club FAQs

Your burning questions answered!

Q: How do I apply for the YETI 500 Club? A: Download and complete the application above and send it to us by email to or print it out and mail it in (address on the application form). There’s a video to the left of the FAQs to help you complete the application step-by-step.

Q: Who can apply for the program? A: Senior High students who live in Leduc County, Parkland County or Brazeau County communities including towns, cities, and villages.

Q: If I have a job, can I still participate in the program? A: Absolutely! The time commitment for the YETI 500 Contest Club is up to club participants, and is able to be worked around their schedule.

Q: Will I receive support other than the funding during the program? A: Certainly! Although we don’t have a week of workshops this year, our YETI Team Leads will be available throughout the program for support as needed and we’ll send you a handy guidebook to help you get started. Also, look out for an announcement on June 1st about our live training event! 

Q: How much money can I receive? A: You can receive up to $500 in this program to fund your business, we ask you to specify how much you need on the application form.

Q: Do I need a business plan? A: No, the application form is enough.

Q: When do applications close? A: Applications close at noon on June 11th.