New for 2021… July 9th is YETI camp day!

This year YETI is going LIVE and all young entrepreneurs are invited!

Live and virtual, YETI Camp Day takes place simultaneously on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook on 9th July. We kick off at 10 am with a day crammed full of workshops, presentations, Q & As, and special guests!

No matter your location, young entrepreneurs everywhere are invited. So, whether you’re still in school or already in post-secondary, if you want to learn the basics of business ownership, check out the schedule at the bottom of the page. 

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introducing our camp day special guests!

Big thank you to our 9th July Camp Day speakers. Here’s a little about them.

Natasha Martinez - Wick'd Petals Candle Company

Natasha Martinez - Wick'd Petals Candle Company

Topic: #GOALS

Natasha is a candle maker based out of Edmonton. She created her business out of her love for flowers and candle making. Natasha believes in supporting other business owners, while maintaining her own sustainable business.

Dez Melenka - The Creative Hive

Dez Melenka - The Creative Hive

Topic: Swerving Towards Success

Dez has a background in radio and television, but left her job to open a coworking space in Edmonton. The coworking space that she opened with another entrepreneur is a space that openly welcomes creatives. She is very passionate about entrepreneurship and the community.

Ben Loates - Good Real Estate

Ben Loates - Good Real Estate

Topic: A Chat With Ben

Ben is a real estate agent from Spruce Grove who prides himself on creativity and customer relationships. Ben sat down with Amanda for an interview to answer some questions about challenges he’s faced, and how he stays motivated as an entrepreneur. 

Adam’s + Co

Adam’s + Co

Topic: Sustainability and Small Business

adams + co. is a women-run business making handmade aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and useful products that will allow our customers to make an easy transition into a more environmentally conscious life. Sustainability, community, and spreading joy are the heart of our business. 

And our Hosts!

Amanda and Sue from Community Futures Capital Region!

camp day schedule

Here’s your guide to what’s what and when on Camp Day!*

10:00 Live kick off with Amanda and Sue
10:15 Swerving Towards Success – Dez Melenka from The Creative Hive
11:00 Live chat and giveaway announcement!
11:15 #GOALS – Natasha Martinez from Wick’d Petals Candle Company
12:00 Live Q & A with Natasha and Amanda
12:15 Sustainability and Business with Adams & Co.
13:00 Live Chat – Sue and Amanda – How to Brainstorm Great Business Ideas
13:15 Troubleshooting Your Business – Amanda Hardman from Experience the Acres
14:00 Live Q and A – Sue and Amanda discuss how to Build Local Relationships
14: 15 Chat with Ben – Amanda and Ben
14: 45 Live Goodbye and giveaway winner. 
15:00 End. 

*The schedule and guests are currently subject to change and will solidify closer to the 9th July.