Social distancing or not - YETI 2020 goes on!

YETI is a FREE "how-to" business initiative for independent high-school teens interested in earning serious money.

A message about covid-19

We’ve been busy making contingency plans should COVID-19 prevent us running YETI in the usual way this summer.

Here’s what we came up with:

  1. We have extended the application period until May 8th and May 15th for Leduc County students (as we didn’t get to visit Leduc schools this year we’ve extended their application period). Please submit by email only to The Community Futures Office is now closed to drop by customers.
  2. Applications will be evaluated remotely this year – that means no in person presentations to the committee or in person group chats. If we’d like more information about your business idea, we’ll get in touch by email, phone, or arrange for a video chat.
  3. If we are still under isolation rules in June, we will arrange for a virtual workshop week in early July ie webinars and video calls will be utilised rather than in classroom training.

Applications are still open for Leduc County students!

(Due to COVID-19, the deadline has been extended)

Applications for Leduc County students close in...








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I’m in! What do I do now?

Applications for 2020 opened on the 16th March and will remain open an additional 2 weeks this year, until May 8th and a bit longer for Leduc students – until May 15th.

To apply, follow the step-by-step below.

Please note: due to COVID-19, applications must be emailed to and must not be dropped into the office.


1. Get Clear On Your Idea

Decide on your business idea. Remember, we have that handy tip-sheet to help you!

2. Tell Us Why You Love Your Idea

Download and complete our easy 3-page business plan or submit your own if you already have one.

3. Fill in an application form

Download and complete an application form and send it (along with your business plan) to us by the posted deadline.

4. Come and Chat!

If your business idea looks good, we’ll ask you to come in to tell us more.

5. Success!

If we share your enthusiasm for the idea, we’ll offer you a place on the program, and give you all the help we can to make your business a winner!

Still not sure? Find out what previous participants had to say

 Or download our student guide.

Ready to join YETI this summer? Applications are now open. Follow our social media to hear the latest.

Last year kelsie and her business, point n Kapture Photography won the High Achiever award!

The High Achiever Award was kindly sponsored in 2019 by the Town of Stony Plain and presented to Kelsie by the Councillor Eric Meyer. Kelsie is a student of Breton High School and received the award due to her hard work, commitment to the program, and willingness to fully test and explore her business model.

If you are a business or organisation in the Capital Region (Parkland County, Brazeau County, or Leduc County) and are interested in sponsoring YETI, please click below to find out more about opportunities in 2020.

at community futures capital region, we meme business.

We’ll provide the tools, resources, and guidance you need to help turn your current side-hustle or brand new business idea into a full-time money-maker over the summer – and beyond!


Is YETI for me?

YETI is a “Do It Your Selfie” summer business program for high school students you do not want to miss!

It is a locally-focused, yet potentially global-reaching, high speed business training initiative with the goal to educate, mentor, train and release the potential of modern teens.

Here are 6 reasons why it may be for you…

You’ll get $500 to help get your business off to a flying start and a further $500 at the end of the summer if you meet your goals. And, of course, you’ll also keep all the profits you make over the summer, it’s YOUR business afterall!

Our professionally facilitated “how-to” workshops kick off the program perfectly! Spend time with your fellow participants to learn all you need to know to run a successful business through the summer and beyond. From small business book keeping to branding your business, we’ve got you covered!

All through the summer, you’ll get weekday access to Community Futures Capital Region business mentors by phone, text, email, or in-person. And, even at the weekend, we’re only a text away! We are always here to help if you need it!

We’ll check in with you regularly to keep your business targeted toward success. Your business is unique, so we structure these bi-weekly sessions according to your needs. We also keep you goal-focused so you have every chance to win that second $500 award!

We’ll also work hard to gain you as much local publicity for your business as possible. We’ll invite local media to events, enlist the help of our program sponsors and supporters, and run a social media campaign. We’ll also give you some leaflets about the program featuring your business to get your marketing off to a great start.

Finally, you’ll gain valuable experience toward future business endeavours, so that your resume or college application shines. There’s the possibility of winning a High Achiever Award, and the YETI program may also contribute to high-school credits!

Sounds great! But do I qualify?

  • YETI is for students in Grade 10-12 who live or attend school in our participating regions of Parkland County, Brazeau County, and Leduc County.
  • You’ll need an awesome idea to turn into a summer business – one that you’re excited about and would like to see flourish.
  • You must be self-motivated, well organized, determined, and willing to devote the time necessary (15+ hours per week) to achieve your business goals over July and August 2020.
  • You must be available to attend a full week of workshops in Stony Plain in the week beginning 6th July.

If that’s you, keep reading…

Okay! But how do I choose my best business idea?

Here are some ideas from successful past finalists:

  • A cosmetic oil manufacturer
  • A photographer
  • 360 degree video creator
  • A YouTube gaming channel
  • A concrete sealant company
  • A baby-sitting service
  • A print/design business
  • A jewelry business
  • A phone repair service
  • A cat-tree/furniture manufacturer
  • A magazine designed to support young indie creative brands
  • A house-cleaning service
  • A t-shirt design service
  • A decorative signage business

To help you brain storm a great idea, we came up with a handy tip sheet to help:

here’s what some past participants thought of the program

The money we received in the beginning help a ton to start out but I found the workshops the most useful especially some of the speakers we had – my big one that helped the most was social media pages which I’m still working on, also the easy access to anyone in the program was nice especially when I had questions or was confused. Overall everyone there was really helpful and encouraging which helped me promote my dream.

The beginning $500 was very generous and more than enough to get us started, the workshops were very informative and helped us learn a lot, and the support was fantastic ; if we emailed someone with a question we would hear back very quickly.

The workshops were one of the most important aspects of the program for me. I found they not only gave me greater background knowledge, but I loved all of the time I got to spend learning from the other students. I think the support I had was very useful – I did not always need help but when I did, it quickly resolved any issues I was having and made me feel like I was not, “alone” (geez that sounds cheezy).

The program has taught each of us, that entrepreneurship could be a potential that we would like to go into after high school. We really enjoyed managing things on our own and learning to be independent as well. Bringing new ideas and products to the community was also something that sparked this decision.

The workshops were very valuable. But the accounting and marketing workshop were personally of the most use to me. The award amount I found was the perfect amount to give that boost to the business so you could get the things to make your business run better, faster, and more effectively which equals more profit. It was also nice to have that support to give you ideas and opinions on matters for the business. I gave you a different point of veiw on how to do things. I think it is overall a great set up.

I loved the feedback on my business plan and the help of developing goals to work towards.

The money helped us big time with supplies but the workshops helped us to develop skills we need to run a business successfully.

This program gave me a great opportunity to give me a taste of what it is like to be in the real business world.

The money was very helpful to get start and the workshop were helpful to learn about marketing and sales.

Overall I had an amazing time trying out my business and getting all the input about different aspects of the business, it was a great opportunity and I hope to use the skills I learned in another potential business idea later on down the road!

Our bi-weekly meetings … allowed us to communicate and ask our questions when we needed help.

I love coming up with great ideas about business plans, this program gave me an opportunity to take one of those ideas, and create a running business with that. It taught me a lot about responsibility and it also showed my strengths and weaknesses. I think that although this business idea was not necessarily for me it showed me that although I do not like cleaning other people’s houses anymore I have found that I love organizing them! So maybe I will try that next.

… I feel like I gained a lot of experience so thank you so much for that! It was so nice to work with you and community futures. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

They also had some (unedited) advice for potential applicants!

Make sure you have enough time for everything and make a schedule for the week with what needs to be done and when it can get done. if you dont have time and patience its not for you, if you cant take criticism its not for you. and if you wouldn’t buy your own product or service and be completely proud and behind it its not for you.

If your goal is to get your brand up and running all in one summer, make sure you set yourself enough time to allow yourself to do so.

Watch your Facebook ads. Only run them for a week max. They work but they are really expensive if you run them too long.

To be honest I wasn’t really sure my business was going to be successful and was worried about what others would think in the end if I failed but I’d rather try my best than sit and think, well I should’ve tried it. I guess all I’m saying is even if your not sure your idea is great or not give it a shot the outcome may surprise you! #noregrets.

You have to be willing to put the time in and have lots of time to spend strictly on your business also use the resources given to you. the program is very helpful for expanding your knowledge on business.

Prioritize your time and ask for help when you need it.

Look at your business idea and see if you would like to do it for the rest of your life if possible if you would and all you need is knowledge and money.

I would say that if you are going to participate in this program don’t think your idea is stupid run with it and take the 500 and use it to make your thought work to your wildest dreams.

Ensure you will have the time for it (that was a partial issue for me) but if you can fit it into your schedule, take advantage of it because it can teach you skills that may become very valuable for your future.

Your dedication and commitment to your brand and company is everything but you do have to be willing to hear criticism and suggestion! even if you don’t want to pivot or change your direction, you have to be open to receiving some suggestions. I think anyone who has the necessary drive and dedication to starting their own business and definitely should apply! Yeti is not demanding in the slightest and they offer a lot of space and they oversee rather than control. Final piece of advice to any future applications: DON”T YOU DARE START AN ORGANIC SKINCARE COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT ME AND MY GHOST AFTER YOU FOREVER lol.

Connect with past members of the program.

You don’t need a perfect business idea or intentions to grow your business, the feast of entrepreneurial knowledge you will receive is very useful.

If you have a hobby you enjoy and could turn into a business that can make you money I suggest that you take it on.

Do you enjoy running this business? If you do, join Seeds [YETI]. It will help greatly in teaching you how to continue the business and help it grow.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your phone and your backpack, and connect with us for a momentous opportunity with real time, real world impact. Now is your chance to redefine responsible business leadership through big, actionable ideas sure to make people take notice… like, share, follow… and purchase.


Text us on: 1-780-479-2226

Call us on 780-968-7013 and ask to talk about YETI.

You can also email us at

Due to COVID-19, please do not drop by the office at this time.


Our sincere thanks goes to our 2020 Sponsors and Supporters for making YETI possible

With your help, at least 10 more young people in our communities will take their first steps towards an exciting entrepeneurial future in the summer of 2020!

Are you a business owner or organisation that would like to support young entrepreneurs in your region in 2020?