She Means Business

A Workshop for Young Women Breaking Barriers

Presented by Community Futures Capital Region

If you are a young woman–aged 16 to 21–who would like to explore the idea of being your own boss one day, this is the workshop for you!


Extra Day 1 Event

We are excited to announce Dr. Cristina Stasia will be coming to talk to workshop participants on Saturday 13th October at 4.30 PM, after we’ve finished the day’s other sessions.

This is an amazing opportunity!

Dr. Stasia is a professor at the University of Alberta, and an expert speaker in gender roles and educational equality. She will be joining us for an hour to present her take on women in business ideas and to answer your questions. 

Here’s Dr. Stasia talking on Global Edmonton about the #MeToo movement: 

You may: 

  • Be a high-school student thinking about choosing options for next year or evaluating further education choices.
  • Be at college or university learning a skill you’d like to develop into your own business once you’re finished your education.
  • Still be experimenting with work or education options and just want to learn more about the potential of small business ownership.
  • Already have a self-employment dream you’d like to turn into reality, but don’t know how.

If any of these apply, keep reading, this workshop has been designed with you in mind!

Is this you? If so, you may be interested in the She Means Business weekend workshop on 13th – 14th October 2018.

What’s the Objective?

Together we’ll explore what it really means to be a business owner, what skills you’ll need to run your own business successfully, and the pathways that are available for you to get started.

What’s the Format?

  • It’s a weekend workshop taught over 2 consecutive days on the 13th -14th October  2018.
  • There will be classroom teaching, interactive activities, and video contributions from real women business owners to bring the teaching to life.
  • We’ll provide a course booklet for you to take away, and lunch and refreshments each day.
  • We’ll also provide opportunities for you to follow up with us to discuss next steps if you’re ready to start a business once we’re done–so our support doesn’t end on Day 2.

Workshop Starts...








Still interested? Here’s more info: 

during the workshop, we’ll:

  • Get specific about the 3 different hats the business owner wears: the manager, the creator, the entrepreneur.
  • Investigate the concept of the Sales Funnel, and how interested prospects turn into die-hard fans.
  • Examine the marketing process: what it is, why and how it works, and how to lay the groundwork to successful strategies.
  • Consider the crucial role of customer service to the success of any business, and how often, it is the first thing you should think about before launch.
  • Hear from real female business owners, to find out how these 4 pillars have really helped them developed a successful and stable business.
  • Throughout the weekend, we’ll examine the different pathways to start your own business, whether fresh out of high-school, via a university or vocational training, or after a few years of work experience.

after the workshop, you’ll be ready to:

  • Choose high school options or make good further education choices to give you the best possible skills to move into business ownership when you’re ready.
  • See through the barriers to success which are often placed in front of young entrepreneurs.
  • Decide whether small business ownership is something you want to investigate further.

Ready to Book Your FREE Ticket? Places are limited to 15 so rush over to our Eventbrite page now to register: 

how much does it cost?


Thanks to the generosity of our partners we can offer this workshop for free – we’ll even spring for lunch!

All we ask is that you are a 16-21 year old young woman with a serious interest in understanding what it takes to become a business owner, and are prepared to give us your attention for a whole weekend.

how many tickets are available?

We have space for just 15.

When is it?

  • The Workshop will take place on the weekend of 13th-14th of October 2018 inclusive.
  • The location is downtown Stony Plain in the Community Futures Capital Region building at 5006-50th Street, Stony Plain.
  • Workshop hours are: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm both days.
  • Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided each day.*

*Allergies will be catered for.

Still can’t decide if the Workshop is right for you? Call or email us with your questions. We’ll give you an honest assessment whether or not we think the workshop should work for you.

Call Sue on 780-968-7013 or email her at

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