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Stop waiting on the other guy... Create your own summer job this year
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want to be your own boss this summer?

Here’s your chance with the Seeds for Success Young Entrepreneur program from Community Futures Capital Region.

If you are in high school in Stony Plain or Parkland County and would like to explore the idea of being your own boss in 2019 – and win awards up to $1000 absolutely free – this program may be for you!


Outstanding Performance Award

This year, we’re excited to announce that the Town of Stony Plain are sponsoring an additional award for our program finalists–the Outstanding Performance Award.

This award will go to the student or student team who have the most success with their business, based on the goals set at the beginning of the summer.

It could go to the team who earns the most, learns the most about their relationship to the business, or adapts their products most effectively according to customer needs.

All businesses who finish the program will be considered for this very special award.

how does the application process work?

Get Clear On Your Idea

Decide on your business idea (scroll down for hints to pick a high-performing idea).

Tell Us Why You Love Your Idea

Complete our easy 2-page business plan, and fill in a program application form (scroll down for more info).

Come and Chat!

If your business idea looks good, we’ll ask you to come in for a no pressure chat to tell us more.


If we share your enthusiasm for the idea, we’ll offer you a place on the program, and give you all the help we can to make your business a winner!

Seeds Finalists 2018

Last year 3 student businesses each earned $1000:  

  • A baby-sitting service.
  • A print/design business.
  • A jewelry business.

From previous years, other successful participants include:

  • A phone repair service.
  • A cat-tree/furniture manufacturer.
  • A magazine designed to support young indie creative brands.
  • A house-cleaning service.
  • A t-shirt design service.
  • A decorative signage business.

Need some help Getting to the heart of your idea? We’ve got you covered!

check out our easy step by step guide to make your idea shine

Come up with a great business idea. Brainstorm your skills, talents, passions, or knowledge areas and imagine how you would share those with people for a price. Pick the idea you are most excited about.

Decide what your offering will look like. It can be a product or a service — or both!

Here’s the difference:

  • A product is a distinct physical thing you’ll be selling like a basketball, a piece of furniture, or a necklace.
  • A service is a process that you offer which fixes your customer’s problem or need ie fixing a leaking faucet, replacing a broken cell phone screen, or cutting a lawn.
  • If you are offering both a service and a product, you are usually offering something bespoke or something unique just for that particular customer ie creating a logo and then embroidering it on a baseball cap, creating a custom piece of jewelry, or photographing a pet then framing the picture or decorating some other item with it.

Test your idea. Decide who your key market will be (ie who will purchase your product or service?) There’s no point creating a business if you have no customers! So go out and see if you can find them.

Ask youself: what type of person fits the bill? Women, men, teens, kids? What age are they? Where do they live? Are they single or do they live with partners? Are you better off selling your product or service to another business (this is called Business to Business sales)? 

Once you’ve decided on your customer, go out and find a few. Ask them what they think of your idea. Is your product or service something they would pay for? If the majority say no, listen to their objections and decide if they are valid. If you think they are, adapt your idea, or try a new one. 

Decide on your pricing. Take some time to figure out how much it will cost you to provide a single product (include any raw materials, delivery changes, and your time).

Now, how much profit do you want to make on top? Add that to your production costs to get your overall retail price (ie how much you’ll charge your customers).

Go back to your test market members. How does that price land? Will they pay it? If not, review and adjust until you find a sweet spot that they’ll pay–but will still make you a nice profit!

Now, you have a better grasp of your idea, how do you feel? Is this the winner?

If so, it’s time to think of a name for your business.

It can be fun, descriptive, or professional – it will depend on what you want your brand to feel like to others.

You can test some options out on your friends or family, too.

Finally, imagine how it will feel to run this business over the summer.

Are you still excited?

Yes? Then you’re ready to complete an Application Packet – scroll down to find out how.

What’s the Seeds Program Format?

  • If your application is successful, we’ll give you $500 per business for start-up costs.
  • To get you off to a flying start, we’ll help you refine your business idea, by facilitating a week of workshops in the Community Futures Capital Region training room in Stony Plain (2nd July – 5th July inclusive) covering topics chosen from: Book Keeping, Business 101, Sales, Marketing, Work/Life Balance, Customer Service, and Product Development/Pricing. This is the “camp” element of the program and your attendance is expected.
  • In that same week, we’ll have a Goal-Setting session to pinpoint each business’s unique Success Factors to keep you on track over the summer and give you every opportunity to win the second award of $500 at the end of the program.
  • Regular online and in-person updates to see how you’re doing and to help trouble-shoot any issues.
  • 8 full weeks of email, phone, and in-person support whenever you need it, while YOU run your business the way you want. It’s YOUR business, but you’re never on your own. We’ll help you any way we can.
  • Final online assessment. Not an exam! We just want YOU to tell us how you think you did. Did you hit your goals? What worked well? What wasn’t so great? How would you do things better now you’ve had this experience? Etc.
  • End of program award ceremony. Let’s celebrate your success with cake, certificates, more cheques (if you hit your goals), and a very special award for the one business considered to have achieved the most.

how do i apply?

Three ways to grab your application packet. It includes an Introduction to the program, a 2-page business plan template (or submit your own), the application form, and the 2019 program schedule.


Pick It Up From Your School Coordinator

If you have a teacher at school who is helping co-ordinate Seeds applications, you can pick up an application packet from them.


Direct From the office

Pop into the Community Futures Capital Region office in downtown Stony Plain and pick Application packet up (scroll for the address).

Applications now open. Applications close in:








The beginning $500 was very generous and more than enough to get us started, the workshops were very informative and helped us learn a lot, and the support was fantastic ; if we emailed someone with a question we would hear back very quickly.

What do past participants think?

The program has taught each of us, that entrepreneurship could be a potential that we would like to go into after high school. We really enjoyed managing things on our own and learning to be independent as well. Bringing new ideas and products to the community was also something that sparked this decision.

Overall I had an amazing time trying out my business and getting all the input about different aspects of the business, it was a great opportunity and I hope to use the skills I learned in another potential business idea later on down the road!

The money helped us big time with supplies but the workshops helped us to develop skills we need to run a business successfully.


Drop by our office (we’re open weekdays between 8.30 and 4.00).

Call us on 780-968-7013 and ask for Sue. 

Or email her at sue@cfcapitalregion.ca.

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