Please note: the sound on this recording is a little low, you may wish to listen through headphones.

Welcome to the second of our Business Planning video workshops – Marketing Basics!

This course is based on a workshop first delivered as part of the Time for a Change Program developed by Community Futures Capital Region to promote business ownership in rural Alberta. The original live workshop has been redesigned as a video course in the light of COVID-19. It may be offered again as an in person workshop in Stony Plain, Alberta once the pandemic is under control. 

The Business Planning series has been developed for first time business owners. This second workshop – Marketing Basics – explores how you plan to get word of your business out into the world. It correlates to the second section of any standard Business Plan document, such as the Marketing Plan or Marketing Approach. It will also help you if you prefer to construct a separate Marketing Plan document. 

At the end of this workshop, you’ll find a downloadable Business Plan template and Help Guide. More about those later. 

Let’s look at the contents of the workshop in more detail. 

Here’s what we’ll be looking at today: 

  • To set the scene, we’ll take a quick look at what business planning is about: 
  • We’ll look at the difference between the business planning activities and the Business Plan document itself. 
  • Just a quick note here, if you’ve already completed the Business Planning 1 workshop – From Idea to Action – you may want to skip this part as it was initially discussed there. 
  • Then we’ll dig into the detail of your marketing approach. Things like:
  • We’ll take a look at what marketing actually is including looking at a definition, how marketing fits into the Sales Process, and into our Business Plans. 
  • We’ll look at what it takes to build a successful marketing strategy step by step – and start to put the bones together for your particular business. 
  • Finally, we’ll look at the most common mistakes first time business owners tend to make when developing their marketing approach, and how to avoid them. 

So, let’s get started. 


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