Our One-Page Business Plan covers the 4 initial elements of a full business plan – but it does so in bullet points to create a short and snappy, one page document. 

If you haven’t already downloaded our One-Page Business Plan template, you may want to do so now so you have it in front of you as we review each section. 

1 page biz plan for online course

This One-Page Plan can be used:

  • As an overall alternative to a full Business Plan if you do not require institutional financing, grant funding, or partnerships
  • As a summary document to refer to while you write the full plan. 
  • You can also use it as a type of checklist and tick off the items as you develop them for additions to a full plan. 

This One-Page Plan gives your business shape – gets the cogs whirring and organizes your thoughts in a structured way – but is not overwhelming. 

In the next video we’ll look at the first section together. 


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