1. Congratulations on completing another component – 

Your Organisation Plan

    1. .

It’s time to take another break, but before you do, let’s just review what we learned:

      1. We firstly looked at what our business structure was in terms of its classification, status and type. All good useful information for a reader of the plan as well as ensuring that we are on the right footing with the Canada Revenue Agency.
      2. Next we looked at what personnel we’d be needing – who will be doing what, how many jobs we are potentially creating and any special skills we may need.
      3. We then looked at what facilities and equipment we may need. Especially important for those of you creating products, this is also important to start figuring out the costs we will be needing in the next lesson.
      4. Then in the final activity, we got specific by checking off the formal permissions, licenses and insurances we may need to run our business. Again – keeping the Canada Revenue Agency happy and also making sure we are covered in case of accident or injury.
    1. Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement of our business idea that we forget to do the little things. Creating a Business Plan is a great way to ensure you can tick those off the list plus think about the more practical logistics of providing our products and services. There’s only one more lesson for our 

Planning for Success

    1.  module, and that’s 

Your Financial Plan.

    Keep going – you are nearly done!



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