Section 3: Putting it all Together

    The final section of the business plan is made up of three short components that are concerned with anticipating any obstacles to your business success and how to add a Conclusion and Executive Summary to the plan. These components are created:
  1. To minimise any nasty surprises that could threaten your success
  2. To force you to consider whether this business is the best step for you
  3. Prepare the plan for being assessed by a third party

Create a Conclusion including:

Risk Analysis
    This component focuses on what the key risks to the success of your business are likely to be. You can then think through a few strategies around what you will do in the event that one of these unfortunate events comes to pass.
Go/No Go Decision
    This component speaks for itself: it’s all about checking that the evidence you’ve collated in your business plan matches your gut feel, and that this business idea is one that will have every chance to succeed.

Create an Executive Summary

    The component includes how to summarise your document into relevant sections, and the level of detail to include in those sections.

How to use the Plan moving forward

This component explains why it is important to keep your plan up to date moving forward.

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