1. Congratulations for completing the 

Your Marketing Plan

    1.  lesson! Although the lesson was quite quick to complete, it did introduce some potentially new concepts.

So let’s review what we learned:

      1. First we learned about what marketing actually is – a lot more than just advertising! We learned that it was about creating awareness of your business with the right people. We learned it was about establishing an ongoing activity which has a budget attached to it.
      2. We then looked at key marketing considerations such as where your customers hang out, what your budget is and what time commitment you can offer to your marketing activities.
      3. Once that was done, a decision could be made about which marketing activities are a good choice for you.
      4. And finally we could look at a simple way for you to track the results of of those activities so that in the future you can stick with them or adjust to more effective ones as necessary.
    1. A full marketing plan can help you focus your energy and resources but can be quite time consuming to create.

We’ve kept it simple and focused just on a few things to get you started.

    1. This will allow you to stay on target and effectively communicate your strategy with any readers of your Business Plan. It’ll also present you with a baseline upon which you can build in subsequent years – as you get a clearer understanding of your business goals and customer needs. Next we begin our second

Planning for Success

    1. component,

Your Operations Plan




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