1. It’s time to start our next component – 

Your Marketing Plan

    1. . This is the first of three components in the second section of the Business Plan, 

Planning for Success

    1. . In these three components we will be creating three plans which will help us move our business idea forward. In the first, 

Your Marketing Plan

    1. , we’ll be looking at the role marketing plays in creating business success and why it’s important to create a basic marketing strategy for inclusion in your Business Plan.

In this component we’ll be answering the key questions:

      1. What is marketing?
      2. What are the top marketing considerations for business owners?
      3. What marketing methods are right for my business?
      4. How do I plan my first year?
      5. How do I track my results?
    1. By answering these questions, you’ll be able to put a high-level marketing strategy in place which will help launch your business and keep momentum going for at least the first year.
By doing so, you will also be demonstrating to the readers of your Business Plan that you understand the importance and mechanics of marketing a business to ensure its success. This is step new business owners often miss out or skim over, and one of the first things financial or business partners will be looking for.
    1. We’ll take one question at a time over the next five activities. There is a downloadable worksheet below for you to use if you wish. Let’s get started.


The Marketing Plan Worksheet

      1. The worksheet will help you organise your notes for this Component. The .pdf version can be printed out and written on, or else the .docx can be downloaded and edited. There is space to answer all the questions and exercises in the upcoming section. Alternatively, if you don’t have the facilities to print, you can just use a notebook.

    1.  or 

The Marketing Plan Tip Sheet

      1. The Tip Sheet will give you a few extra ideas on the best way to approach this section.



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