Well done for your efforts so far – you are doing great!

    1. Let’s start our next component.

This one is all about the products and/or services you will be providing to your customers. The component answers the key questions:

    1. What are my products and/or services?
    2. What are their key features and benefits?
    3. How will I roll them out?

By answering these questions, you will think through the detail of what you are going to offer and how you will be presenting your offerings to your customers. Not only will this help you get straight (in your own mind and any readers of this document) exactly what your business will be offering but it will also be feeding directly into subsequent sections of the business plan ie industry overview, marketing plan and financial plan. By thinking through these questions now, you will make completing the Business Plan a lot easier and you will also be better prepared to launch your business. We will take these questions one-by-one over the next three activities, and just like last time, we have a worksheet for you to download and use if you wish. You’ll find it below.


Your Products and Services Worksheet The worksheet will help you organise your notes for this Component. The .pdf version can be printed out and written on, or else the .docx can be downloaded and edited. There is space to answer all the questions and exercises in the upcoming section. Alternatively, if you don’t have the facilities to print, you can just use a notebook. or     


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