It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of the contents of the Business Plan

    We will start off with a description of your ultimate vision for your business.
      1. This is where you will explain in broad strokes what your business will be providing, who your customers are, your plans for today, and areas of expansion for tomorrow. This component is enormously important in helping you understand what you want to achieve for your business.
      It is all about the Who (you), the Why (why do I want to do this?) and the What (what do I want to do?) We’ll get on to the How a bit later. This component answers the key questions:
                      1. What is my business idea?
                      2. Why am I in a position to fulfil this idea?
                      3. Who are my customers?
                      4. What goals do I have for my business?
                      Answering these questions is crucial. By doing so, you will convey the enthusiasm or passion you have for your business, detail your overall goals and demonstrate why you, personally, are the best person to see this vision through to reality. This component should get you (and the reader if you have one) stoked! We will take these questions one-by-one over the next four activities; and as we answer them, you can start putting your business idea down on paper too!
                      There are a couple of documents below for you to download before we get started.


                      The Business Vision Worksheet
                        The worksheet will help you organise your notes for this Component. The .pdf version can be printed out and written on, or else the .docx can be downloaded and edited. There is space to answer all the questions and exercises in the upcoming section. Alternatively, if you don’t have the facilities to print, you can just use a notebook.
                       or  The Business Vision Tip Sheet
                        The Tip Sheet will give you a few extra ideas on the best way to approach this section.

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