Welcome to the One-Page Business Plan video workshop!

This course is based on a workshop first delivered as part of the Time for a Change Program developed by Community Futures Capital Region to promote business ownership in rural Alberta. The original live workshop has been redesigned as a video course in the light of COVID-19. It may be offered again as an in person workshop in Stony Plain, Alberta once the pandemic is under control. 

The One-Page Business Plan is a high-level workshop developed for those first time business owners who are looking to create a brief business plan for their start up or as a way to get their business idea organized before writing a more traditional, detailed plan for submission to financial lenders, partners, or for themselves. 

There is a hand out for this workshop – a One-Page Business Plan template – you can find it below, and it will be included again when we get to the appropriate part of the workshop.

1 page biz plan for online course

Let’s look at the contents of the workshop in more detail. 

Here’s what we’ll be looking at today: 

  • We’ll see what goes into a full Business Plan and when you might need one. 
  • After that, we’ll consider when a One-Page Plan may come in useful, and how it can help you even if you need to write a full plan at a later time. 
  • And, finally, we’ll look at the different elements of a One-Page Plan step-by-step.

So, let’s get started. 



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