Congratulations, you have completed the final lesson in the Planning for Success section of the Business Plan!

    1. By planning out how you will be bringing your business idea into reality you should have gained more confidence about it and in turn will be able to pass that confidence onto others.

Let’s just review what we learned:

      1. First, we looked at the start up costs for the business. Those are costs related to the major items we will need to purchase to start or expand our business.
      2. Next, we looked at how we are going to fund our business to get it started and ensured that the funding we could raise covered at least those start-up costs.
      3. Lastly, we projected what we thought the cash-flow statement would look like for our first year in business – so we could try and predict what monies were going in and out of the business bank account in any one month.
    1. By the time you finished the 

Planning for Success

    1.  section of the business plan you should be ready to make the decision whether to move forward or not with your business idea. Let’s use our final lesson in the course to review what we’ve learned, find out how to write an 

Executive Summary

    1.  and a 

Conclusion – 

    and of course, make that big decision!



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