Welcome to the Exploring Entrepreneurship! 

Today, I’ll be walking you through this online workshop. 

It’s based on a live workshop first delivered as part of the Community Futures Capital Region’s Time for a Change program. The program was designed to encourage business ownership in rural Alberta.

This entry-level workshop has been designed for people who are new to business and want an overview about how to get started. It has been designed to be a fast and fun way to get your bearings when considering business ownership. We’ll start by exploring what personal characteristics and skillsets are most useful when running a business (and what to do if you don’t already have them), and then move on to look at the business planning process at a high-level. 

Along the way, there are some activities to get you started on your journey. Some PDFs are supplied for you to download, and you may also want some scrap paper and a pen handy for the other exercises. You can pause here and download/print the PDFs now if you like (they are below) or wait until you are that section of the presentation where they’ll be included again.


Colour Quiz

Entrepreneurial Resume Worksheet

​Note: If, after you’ve watched this presentation, you’d like to delve further into the detail of business planning, there are additional resources at https://cfinsider.ca to assist you. We’ve got courses to help you dive into each element of constructing your business plan and running your business, as well as options for personal coaching. If you are looking to finance your small business in rural Alberta, your local Community Futures branch maybe able to assist you. You can look up your local branch here: http://albertacf.com/contact 

Here’s what we’ll be exploring in this workshop:

Business owner v. entrepreneur. What’s the difference? Does it matter? Are they just words?

  1. What’s your type? How your personality or your personal characteristics may help – or hinder – your business.
  2. Learning how to juggle, or: “the art of wearing three hats”. What roles will you have to perform as part of your day-to-day business responsibilities.
  3. Business smarts. Identifying your skills gap and how to fill it.
  4. Steps to a successful business, or: “if you build it (right), they will come”. An overview of the business planning process. 

So, let’s get started. 

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