So what did we learn this lesson?

Here’s a quick review:

  • We learned what a Business Plan is used for in terms of presenting an idea for a new business, or the expansion of an existing one
  • We learned who should create a Business Plan and in what circumstances
  • We learned what components make up a Business Plan, what they should include at high level and finally whether we should always use each one.
    Moving forward into the next lessons, we’re going to start taking a detailed look at each component and show you what you need to do to create your own.
    We’ve grouped the components in a logical way so that you are not overwhelmed and can get into the mindset of each grouping; as each needs you to think a little differently.
    As you move forward with the course please don’t try and do too much at once. Remember, we’ve divided the plan up into these groupings to make it easier and stress-free; if you charge through them all with no breaks, you’ll probably end up not doing yourself (or your business) justice.


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