Congratulations – you made it!

    1. By now you should have a complete Business Plan in front of you – ready to use for presenting your business case or to keep you on track with your business idea.

Let’s review how we got to this point:

    1. First of all, in Component 2, we learned what a Business Plan was used for and of what it is comprised. We learnt about the individual components, what they were and how/when to use them.
    2. In Component 3 we learned all about our business vision. We defined our business idea, identified our customers and goals and discussed what made you the perfect person to bring the vision to fruition.
    3. In Component 4 we got into the nitty-gritty of our products and services. Defined what they were, who we are targeting and how we will be rolling them out.
    4. Next, in Component 5, we took a long look at our Industry in order to really test whether our business idea stands a chance for success. We looked at the factors that influence our industry, what the competition is like locally, and took a closer look at our market segment.
    5. In Component 6 we turned our attention to how we would be marketing our products and services. We looked at what marketing options were a good fit for us and how to track the results of our marketing efforts.
    6. Component 7 was all about our operations plan and ensured we have plans for our structure, personnel, facilities and paperwork all sorted out.
    7. In Component 8, we looked at our financials to ensure that we have every chance of success in our first year of business and know exactly how much we need to get started.
    8. Finally, in Component 9, we’ve been looking at how to put our conclusion and executive summary together – and how to actually use our business plan moving forward.
  1. Well done for getting through it all. We hope you’ve found the course of value. And good luck with your new business or expansion project!



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