For new business owners or those who want to review their business model, this bundle saves on the standard cost of purchasing both our courses, How to Write a Show-Stopping Business Plan Step-by-Step and The Bite-Sized Guide to Digital Marketing together.

Before purchasing, check out the individual courses to see what each entails in detail (some lessons are provided for free), then come back to this link to buy as a bundle to get your savings. 

Note: Once purchased you will receive an email within 24 hours giving you your id and password to access the course. You can change your password at any time. 

In summary the courses are as follows: 

How to Write a Show-Stopping Business Plan Step-by-Step: 

  • Formulate a compelling business idea that conveys passion, practicality, and potential.
  • Test the idea through thorough research and solid number crunching.
  • Define your customer, product, and market segment clearly.
  • Plan your roll-out and marketing strategy.
  • Understand operational and risk impacts on your business, and plan accordingly.
  • Create a financial plan that will stand up to investors’ and loan officers’ questions.

The Bite-Sized Guide to Digital Marketing: 

  • What Digital Marketing is and how it can be useful to small business owners.
  • Principles that can be applied to all platforms to increase sales and support customers and prospects.
  • Examination of three core digital platforms: website, social media, email.
  • A high-level look at what to consider when developing a Digital Marketing strategy across these platforms.
  • A brief look at other platforms to consider.

Both courses are available to you 24 hours a day, and provide all the templates, help, and examples you need to get going from Day 1. 

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